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Photometric Solutions International is a manufacturer of quality photometric and colorimetric testing and measurement systems. The Goniophotometers have been design for the photometry of LEDs, LED clusters and small LED luminaires.

LED goniophotometers for photometric lighting
Swinging Mirror Goniophotometers
  • The LG-2.0 is a state of the art swinging mirror goniophotometer system for measurement of practically all types of general lighting
  • The system is fully automated
  • Our friendly software takes the user step by step through the photometry
  • From bare lamp luminous flux measurement all the way to measuring the luminaire’s luminous intensity distribution, and determining the light output ratio along with numerous other lighting parameters
  • Enhance luminaire performance through R&D analysis software tools

Rotating Luminaire Goniophotometers

  • We offer a range of rotating luminaire goniophotometer systems for photometry of luminaires in a laboratory with size or budget constraints
  • These fit into a standard height room (2.7 metre ceiling height) and can be outfitted with a foldback mirror to extend the test distance
  • The rotating luminaire goniophotometers have a range of models to cater for different complexities of measurement and different sizes of luminaires to be tested

LED Goniophotometers

  • Our LG-1.0 LED goniophotometer is ideal for measurement of the luminous characteristics of LEDs, LED clusters and small luminaires
  • The system includes a table-mounted goniometer and one of our range of photometers (luxmeters and photocells), plus it can be interfaced to one of our spectroradiometers for measurement of colour and chromaticity
  • These LED Goniophotometers are ideal for use in small laboratories and also in educational, prototyping and R&D applications

Absolute Luminous Flux Integrators

  • Our Absolute Luminous Flux Integrator (ALFI) is designed for the accurate measurement of luminous flux and intensity distribution of lamps and also LED luminous flux and beam properties
  • The ALFI can be used to make luminous flux reference standards for calibration of integrating sphere photometers (integrating spheres) and mirror goniophotometers

Goniophotometer Software
The software that comes with the system includes report generation and other software utilities. The report software has output including:

  • Polar curve and H-V intensity distributions
  • IsoLux diagram, IsoCandela diagram and 3D distribution views
  • Utilisation factor tables (CIBSE TM5 and IESNA for indoor and Roadway UF Graph for street lighting)
  • Glare tables (UGR, CIBSE LG3, Luminance Limiting)
  • Zonal flux, average luminaire luminance, etc.

Additional light testing services
Photometric Solutions can also interface other equipment with this system to enhance the performance and provide additional automated testing services, including:

  • Photometer mirror attachment for absolute luminous flux measurement at a close distance
  • Electrical measurement parameters to characterise luminous efficacy, harmonic analysis, etc.
  • Spectroradiometers for measurement of the chromaticity and colour temperature (color temperature)
  • Secondary monitor for auxiliary display of test information and real-time luminous intensity distribution

LED Goniophotometers for a range of photometric lighting applications

  • Indoor Lighting
  • Street Lighting
  • Flood Lighting
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Decorative Lighting
LED goniophotometers from Photometric Solutions International are completely automatic and have the capacity to measure all kinds of lights. Photometric Solutions International information and contact details

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