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New series flue gas analyser available from Phoenix Instrumentation

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article image Testo 327 flue gas analyser

The new generation testo 327 flue gas analyser from Phoenix Instrumentation is robust and safe.

The measuring instruments provide more convenience in application and help to fulfil measurement routines more confidently.

Whether as a robust tool for flue gas measurement on all types of gas heaters or as a starting instrument for new tasks in service and maintenance of gas and oil burners - the measuring instruments are fast, reliable and always ready for use.


The 4-line display:

  • The powerful LED backlighting guarantees good legibility, even in bad light conditions

The fast probe connection:

  • All gas paths are connected with one click. Fast, easy to clean and protected from incorrect connection


Advanced Li-ion rechargeable batteries:

  • Technology with a high capacity and without memory effect and deep discharge

The Testo measuring cells:

  • Replacing measurement cells is as easy as replacing a battery

Robust Elastomer protective cover:

  • The second skin is integrated into the instrument’s design and protects from impact in tough day-to-day use
  • The protective case can be easily removed and separately cleaned

Built-in condensate trap:

  • The new construction – the condensate trap has a separate housing inside the instrument, which protects it from outside influences
  • This prevents false measurements resulting from leaks. The condensate trap can be easily and quickly emptied

New probe concept:

The robust probes filter out dirt right where it occurs, before it can get into the gas path. The easily exchangeable particle filter is built into the probe handle


  • Includes all basic functions such as combustive efficiency, flue gas loss, O2, CO2, CO and flue draught
  • Robust and protected from impact with Elastomer covering
  • Easy operation
  • Good handling due to easy-to-follow menus and ergonomic housing
  • Stable readings in 30 seconds
  • The complete range of probes of testo 330 is compatible
  • Low eight (approximately 500g)

An overview of the flue gas analyser’s functions:

  • Easy-to-follow menu
  • 4-line segment display
  • LED display illumination
  • Easy IR printout
  • Built-in condensate trap
  • TUV-tested (°C, O2)
  • EN 50379 Part 2 for O2, °C, hPa
  • EN 50379 part 3 for CO
  • Small Li-ion battery (1200ma, battery life 5h) chargeable in instrument or external charger
  • Fast probe connection with single probe plug
  • Ambient CO measurement via flue gas probe
  • O2 dual wall measurement (storable)
  • Separate air temperature measurement
  • CO measurement undiluted (storable)
  • Draught measurement
  • Spare battery chargeable in instrument or separately
  • 8 fuels
  • IP 40

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