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Purple fittings eliminate cross-connections

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LEADING specialist pipe fitting manufacturer Philmac Pty Ltd has introduced a range of compression fittings and valves dedicated for use with recycled water.

Philmac's Product Manager, Ms Tarnia Russell, said the increasing use of recycled water for irrigation, industrial and residential purposes meant it was important for these water systems to be easily identifiable.

She said the AS/NZS 3500 standard stresses that recycled water pipe systems must be clearly identified using the colour purple.

In line with this, Philmac has manufactured a dedicated range of purple-coloured compression fittings and valves for recycled water applications.

The recycled water fittings are part of Philmac's highly popular Metric range which feature "slide and tighten" installation- the pipe slides into the pipe and the nut is tightened, negating any need for pipe preparation or fiddling with loose components.

Ms Russell said while recycled water had traditionally been used for irrigation purposes, a growing number of households feature a dual reticulation system, with recycled water used to wash cars, water gardens and flush toilets.

She believes the greatest concern with the installation of recycled water pipes in a house is the risk of the wrong pipes being accidentally connected together.

Recycled water is not fit for human or animal consumption, so it is essential that all pipes, fittings and valves are clearly marked, including taps. Philmac is continuously expanding the range to keep up with this demand.

The compression fittings come in a range of configurations including tees, joiners, elbows and male and female connectors, with isolation valves also available that are suitable for use both above and below ground.

In addition to the fitting range, the purple nuts found on the fittings can be purchased separately. This means dealers have the option of either carrying the complete range, or just nut conversion kits, ensuring inventory management remains efficient and simple.

Ms Russell said Philmac was expecting the product range to be increasingly popular as Australians took a pro-active approach to water recycling.

She says the use of recycled water has both environmental and economic benefits and is becoming more common with both industrial and domestic water users, with the support of water authorities.

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