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New line of N channel MOSFETs

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article image Smaller than the tip of a match.

PHILIPS Electronics has unveiled a new line of N channel metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors (MOSFETs) in the thin small outline package 6 (TSOP6) - based on the TrenchMOS technology with a footprint of 9.3mm2.

The new TrenchMOS' TSOP6 devices feature very low on resistance Rds(on) and are rated at 30V, 20V and 12V Vds. The lower a MOSFET's Rds(on), the less power is dissipated by the product, thus increasing battery life.

The TSOP6 offers superior thermal and electrical qualities providing benefits such as decreased levels of power dissipation down to 1.4W in addition to cooler running temperatures.

The TrenchMOS TSOP6 devices enable the creation of smaller, lighter, and more powerful portable products produced largely in Asia such as PDAs, notebook PCs, and domestic appliances such as electric shavers and toothbrushes.

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