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Dressing up a rubber gasket

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PERMATEX has released a new non-hardening, high temperature sealant specifically developed for use with pre-formed rubber gaskets.

Permatex Rubber Gasket Dressing, available in a 142g pressure pack can with directional pipe, when applied to the gasket, compensates for imperfections in metal surfaces, improves lubricity, and cold sealing properties.

Popular applications include valve covers and oil pan gaskets, thermostat housings, transmission pans, intake gaskets, gear boxes, axle assemblies, marine and diesel engines.

The Permatex dressing allows for easy disassembly of flanged components even after long-term operation and will operate effectively in temperatures ranging from 65° to 600°C. It will also resist petrol, kerosene, antifreeze, oil, synthetic lubricants, and fluorocarbon refrigerants.

Permatex markets and sells leading automotive repair and consumer products under a variety of recognised brand names such as Permatex, Right Stuff, Fast Orange. Slik Pak, NOS and No Touch.

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