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POR-15 rust preventative paint from Permanent Painted Coatings stops rust at cutting points

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POR-15 rust preventative paint from Permanent Painted Coatings (PPC) is imported directly from the USA where it has been used for over 30 years.  

When building with steel, metal cuts and welded areas can leave the structure vulnerable to attack from rust. Painting POR-15 rust preventative paint onto the cuts and welds will protect framework from rust for years.

POR-15 rust protection paint chemically bonds to the rusty surface and sets up a hard coating that is resistant to most chemicals and acids and is fully water proof. POR-15 rust preventative paint loves corroded and porous surfaces like rust, corroded aluminium, sandblasted surfaces, fibreglass and even concrete. When applied in the correct manner the paint will seal them with a ceramic like, rock hard finish that won't crack, chip or peel. POR-15 rust preventive paint can be sprayed it can be brush painted to give a "virtual spray finish" look.     

The secret of POR-15 rust preventive paint is in its curing process. POR-15 rust preventive paint cures by drawing moisture from the atmosphere.    

POR-15 rust preventive paint is easy to use, whether for small jobs or large, being single pack and self leveling (no brush marks).  

POR-15 rust preventative paint can also be used on all surfaces that require permanent protection from rust, corrosion, stone chips or abrasion. POR-15 rust preventive paint is not UV stable and will discolour under prolonged sunlight and when used in a UV exposed area will need to be a top coated. PPC have a range of suitable tough Top Coats.

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13/06/2013 - You can use POR-15 over a primed surface but it's not the beast way. POR-15 wants to ideally be direct to metal. If you want a semi gloss then you could kill two birds with one stone here. The Chassis coat is a semi gloss and a top coat which will go over a primed surface better that the rust paint which is only gloss.

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