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Resflex series Resin Bonded filter cartridges available from Pentair Industrial

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article image The resflex series resin bonded filter cartridges

Pentair Industrial  have introduced Resflex series Resin Bonded filter cartridges, with a unique, proprietary two-stage design for reliable and effective filtration. The cartridges’ outer spiral wrap efficiently removes large particles and agglomerates. This prefilter wrap provides increased surface area and intensifies cartridge strength, while eliminating residual debris common with conventional, machined resin bonded cartridges.

Resflex cartridges’ inner layers provide superior particle removal in available micron ratings from 2 to 150 microns. Flow rates are 10gpm per 10 inches of cartridge length, with cartridges available in sizes up to 40 inches. The patented design maximizes filtration and service life, removing contaminants from viscous fluids, such as adhesives, chemical coatings, petroleum products, paint and printing ink, at temperatures up to 250° F.

To ensure long-lasting operation and effective filtration, Resflex cartridges are impregnated with phenolic resin making them suitable for use with fluid viscosities up to 15,000 SSU. Unlike competitive “short fiber” cartridges, Resflex cartridges contain extra-long acrylic fibers that resist breakage and help to prevent migration, as well as provide additional cartridge strength. This exceptional cartridge design ensures that Resflex cartridges withstand pressure surges of up to 150 PSID, depending upon fluid temperature.

Resflex cartridge’s silicone-free construction is optimised for viscous fluid filtration, ensuring that the cartridge produces no contamination that could adversely affect fluid adhesion properties. Its double open-ended, one-piece design simplifies change out and eliminates bypass concerns with multi-length cartridges.

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