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Peel Away paint removal system is an ideal material for restoration and renovation applications. Using the Peel Away system to remove lead paint offers a range of environmental benefits which makes it suitable for a wide variety of internal and external use.

Peel Away comes in a thick paste form that is applied to the surface and covered with a unique laminated plastic cover sheet that seals it during the stripping process

  • Contributes to the removal of the anti-fouling paint used on boats
  • Manufactured in Australia under licence in accordance with ISO 9000 standards
  • Used for both internal and external areas and removes multiple layers of paint from facades, moulding, rendered walls and brickwork
  • Safe and easy to apply
  • Proven to work on oil, acrylics and some epoxies, especially on acrylic and painted bricks
  • pH neutral product with no harsh solvents or caustic

Most other mechanical methods used for the removal of old paint like sand and grit blasting, as well as high pressure blasters, have difficulties with waste containment. If the requirement is the removal of many layers of old lead paint, the end result could lead to harmful air-borne particles, soil contamination and finally, water pollution. These methods are suitable only if done in a concealed and controlled environment.

The Peel Away system sees the removal of multiple layers of paint in a single application

  • Not dust or fumes
  • Full containment of lead particles
  • Safe and controlled chemical disposal
  • Prevention of dangerous air-borne particles going into the atmosphere
  • Reduced health risks to the public and industry

Using the latest chemistry, Peel Away has produced an innovative and effective product that is safe, bio-degradable and easy to use.

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21/06/15 - Two heritage buildings were restored to their original state using the Peel Away paint removal system during the refurbishment process.

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