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Peacock Bros explains the benefits of automating label printing processes

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article image Peacock Bros are able to give advice, supply, install and even custom build label printer applicators to suit any production line requirements

Peacock Bros offers a variety of automated label printing solutions and explains the benefits and process of moving to an automated system.

Whilst label printer applicators are not a new invention and the equipment hardware hasn’t changed much, their control systems and operational features have received significant upgrades and changes, such as:

  • smarter network control
  • real time reporting capabilities
  • automation of operation, and
  • smarter integration
Label printer application technology is now suitable for use in a wider range of supply chain environments and business types. The addition of a label printer applicator can now enable greatly improved production line performance thanks to a number of features including:
  • detailed programming functionality
  • the ability to print and apply labels with an accuracy of 0.1mm
  • rapid printing speeds of up to 2 labels per second
  • in built sensors for identifying and responding to variable sized products
  • fully customisable printer applicator system
  • large variety of configuration options
  • range of mounting options, including standalone frames, direct conveyor mounting, suspension above the production line or even mounted in a protective casing
  • programmable alerts and notifications for a range of tasks, including pending disruptions, label jams and reduced print quality, among others
  • option for remote operation of multiple units via an IP network and central computer
  • simplified printing of variable data such as sequential numbering, time, date, batch and use by stamps
  • can be fully integrated into WMS or ERP systems for complete control and additional reporting
  • intelligent software options provide accurate, real-time data on the quantity of products completed
  • various application methods to suit specific product type
Peacock Bros. has vast experience in the custom modification and installation of quality label applicators and printer application solutions. Contact the expert team for further information on choosing and installing the most suitable labelling solution to suit requirements.

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