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Motrona fibre optic links available from PCA

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PCA - Plant Control and Automation  offers two new optical fibre links developed by Motrona of Germany. While one optical fibre link is designed for use with incremental encoders, the second module is designed for SSI serial output signals with either 13 or 24 bits.  

The two Motrona fibre optic links provide interference-free transmission of data up to a distance of 1500 metres.  

Both interfaces comprise of three parts including a transmitter at the device end, a standard single fibre optic cable and a receiver in the control cabinet. The unit designed for incremental encoders can also be used to transmit up to six individual signal lines from any other digital switching device such as a proximity switch or photo electric head.  

Motrona fibre optic modules have diagnostic LEDs at both input and output ends while a general alarm function is provided to alert the user of any problem with the units. The light transmission uses LED light source and not laser, eliminating any danger caused by damage to the cable in any environment.

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