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The Motrona range of modules from Plant Control and Automation (PCA) provide a convenient method of interfacing a wide range of process information.

Industrial control and interface modules
The range from PCA includes:
  • Indicators and Panel Meters with analogue inputs
  • Counters for position, event, summing and differential counters. 
  • Tachometers for measurement of speed, frequency and all relied dimensions.
  • Electronic Timers and Stopwatches for precise industrial time control.
  • Absolute Indicators for applications with sensors and encoders using SSI interface, serial RS232 link or parallel data output.
  • Monitors for overspeed, underspeed, standstill, direction of rotation, skew position, slip, shaft and gearbox fracture.
  • Converters frequency to voltage, voltage to frequency, SSI to analogue, SSI to serial, SSI to parallel, incremental to analogue, incremental to serial.
  • Encoder Interface Level Converters TTL/ HTL and HTL/ TTL, amplifiers and splitters for incremental encoder signals, cross over switch for encoder and analogue signals, frequency multiplier, divider, adder and subtracter.
  • Remote Display and Preset Units for simple “on site” control of network parameters and registers.
  • Operator Terminal with CAN and serial interface and digital I/O extension.
  • I/0 Modules for digital input and output signals.Gateways for communication between CANBUS/ PROFIBUS components and units with serial or parallel data interface.
  • Synchro Controllers for error free and angular synchronization of drives (electronic shaft or gearbox, register and printmark control).
  • Motion Controllers for rotary cutter and printing systems, controllers for “Flying Shears“ and winder/ unwinder/ tension control applications and programmable CAM. 
  • Position Controllers for multiple applications requiring precise closed loop position control.
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30/04/10 - This series of panel meters from PCA - Plant Control and Automation has been designed to provide the performance and many of the features of larger panel meters, while using only use a quarter of the panel space.

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