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ENC-SIM01 Incremental Encoder Simulators from PCA

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ENC-SIM01 Incremental Encoder Simulators from PCA - Plant Control and Automation are designed to simulate the function of most types of incremental encoders. They allow the engineer to fully test a control system that uses a rotary or linear shaft encoder, without the need for any mechanical movement.

ENC-SIM01 Incremental Encoder Simulators also enable users to control the exact number of square wave signals applied to the output, allowing the engineer to control the input pulses generated down to one single pulse. The user can monitor the operation of a control system in slow motion.

Access to Incremental Encoder Simulators is through a standard nine pin D type plug. The user connects it to the control system via the terminals or plug. Power for the Encoder Simulators comes from the control system and it can operate on voltage, ranging from 5 to 30 volts 100mA DC.

The encoder is connected to the Incremental Encoder Simulator with a 9 pin D type socket on the top of the case.

The increments per turn range from 1 up to 99,999 and the A/B Phase relationship of the output can be reversed by the press of a button. These Incremental Encoder Simulators display the simulated RPM of the shaft and the frequency of the signal.

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