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M&E NSW 2014 Preview: Mine collision avoidance technology

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Pyott-Boone Electronics (PBE) will be showcase various products from their product range that are suited to mining applications, including their Proximity Alert System (PAS), on stand 6083 at the Mining & Engineering New South Wales (M&E NSW) Exhibition. 

PBE's mine safety technology has a long standing presence in the Australian mining industry and is designed to improve mine site safety for both human personnel and equipment. 

The Proximity Alert System is designed to enhance workplace safety by reducing risks of collisions through asset and personnel detection and warning.

The PAS incorporates the following technological features to achieve this solution including 900 MHz bidirectional tags (suitable for vehicles, obstacles and personnel)l; 900 MHz tag readers (installed in vehicles); electromagnetic proximity sensors (used for close range detection); RADAR (used for mid-range detection - Optional); GPS Tracking modules for surface tracking; and real time video surveillance (Optional).

Beyond the high resolution screen and audible warnings, ambient coloured lights provide drivers with additional warning notifications; which is enhanced by a comprehensive and secure setup menu. 

The option of real-time video surveillance also provides views of blind-spots at the touch of a button for further driver security and safety. The PAS also utilises Geofencing technology to alert drivers to pre-defined physical hazards, like feeders, dump zones and load-outs. 

These Geofences act as invisible barriers, which emit an alert or warning as these hazards approach; the PAS allows for up to 32 individual Geofences to be created.

The PAS is managed by PBE's MineBoss technology, which has recently been updated to MINEBOSS 2.0 and provides a unique solution for displaying the location of miners and equipment throughout any underground mine, tunneling operation or industrial facility.

MineBoss provides the integration and visibility for site-wide activity and allows control from a centralised location; making your mine site safer.

MineBoss is able to provide a monitoring and reporting system to improve behaviour correction, beyond just providing a collision warning, by utilising multiple detection technologies; multiple object recognition; overlapping detection technologies for redundancy and safety, customisable user interface options. 

This site management solution is suited to applications including: air flow, battery charging stations, fans, fire extinguishers, mine offices, power centres, pump control, water level and weight scales.  

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