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Patlite provide a wide range of visual and auditory warning indicators.

Visual warning indicators - LED illumination

  • Warning Lights
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Alert Beacons
  • LED Signalling Devices
  • Wireless Warning Devices
  • Explosion Proof Lighting and Sound
  • LED Illumination for Infrastructure
  • LED Illumination for FA, CNC and Machinery
  • Traffic Control Lights
  • OEM LED Lighting

Visual and auditory indicators ideal for traffic controls and emergency warnings
The KHE 100mm Beacon
The KHE Series are multi feature LED beacons with three selectable light patterns for diverse use such as LED Strobe Lights, Flash and Rotate. The clear lens makes it easier to see the light in bright ambient conditions.

CLF LED Work Lights - LED Lighting
The CLF Series is a LED work light that comes in various lengths. It comes pre assembled and pre wired, with an aluminium casing, clear polycarbonate lense, and your choice of clear (white), red or amber lights.

Explosion Proof Lighting - LED Signal Towers
The EDLM and EDWM are innovative 3 and 5 color LED signalling towers, enclosed in pressure and flame proof housings, designed specifically for use in potentially flamable and explosive atmospheres, such as:

  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Mineral or Natural Gas Production
  • Food Industries
  • Combustible Dusts
  • Industrial Lighting

BD Audible Panel Mounts - Warning Systems
The panel mount BD Series stores 32 different sounds conveniently arranged for playback suitable in noisy factories. One sound group can be reprogrammed using any of the 32 pre installed sounds (optional SD card required).

Patlite's extensive range of visual and auditory warning indicators are suitable for all industrial and commercial industries.

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03/08/11 - Available from Patlite Signal/JTEC, the WH-A wall mounted rotating warning light is suitable for security purposes and has an IP-54 rating for wash down requirements.
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03/05/11 - Patlite are supplying LU7 modular system signal towers that are easy to assemble and have a maximum five LED modules.
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08/10/10 - The KPE rotating action LED flashing warning lights provide long service life and feature a design requiring minimal maintenance.
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06/10/10 - The new highly visible multi-layer KJPV and KJT-L/KJT-K revolving warning lights that integrate audio to offer a doubly effective warning signal for use in a variety of industries and applications.
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13/08/09 - The new RLR Power LED emergency warning beacon is another innovative LED warning technology release from Patlite Signal/JTEC.
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