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IP66 RLR LED Warning Light Beacon available from Patlite

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article image RLR Power LED emergency warning beacon

The new RLR Power LED emergency warning beacon is another innovative LED warning technology release from Patlite Signal/JTEC .

This LED warning beacon features an IP66 rating and falls into the category of Ultra vibration proof construction as it has been tested and approved for vibrations above 11Gs (Heavy Machinery used in Mining).  The LED warning beacon is CE, EMC approved and manufactured under the ROHS scheme making it environmentally responsible choice.

Utilising LED’s from Nichia Corporation and a BRUSHLESS Motor made in Japan, the unit is virtually maintenance free.

Key Features of the emergency warning beacon include high durability, high visibility, water proof, dust proof, vibration resistant, low power consumption, low maintenance and a long life LED and Motor. 

Key benefits of the RLR LED warning lights include:

  • Fully manufactured in Japan and have 5 Year Warranty*
  • LED + Brushless Motor + Bearing Mechanism ensures a long life, lasting up 5 times longer
  • The RLR has many advantages compared to a rotating beacon with bulb and a standard motor
  • The LEDs last approximately 20x to 40x longer than an incandescent bulb
  • The combination of the brushless motor and bearing mechanism allows the RLR to operate for 8,000 hrs to 10,000 hrs
  • Vibration Resistance (Except RLR-M2) - Unique rubber base absorbs the vibration generated from equipment and enables stable operation even at high vibration up to 110m/s2, that’s equivalent to the largest machinery used in Mining.
  • High Visibility - High-power LEDs are located at the top and bottom of the beacon.
  • The high-intensity LEDs and innovative reflector design ensure outstanding illumination and exceptional brightness from any direction and distance
  • High Protection - 1) IPX6=Water is sprayed for at least 3 minutes, at a flow rate of 100 L/min, from a distance of 2.5 m to 3.0 m, from a 12.5mm diameter jet hose nozzle, and from all directions - 360
  • High Protection - 2) IP6X=Unit is tested with under-pressure in a dust chamber for 8 hours.

RLR Power LED emergency warning beacons are suitable for automotive, fork lift, heavy machinery, mining, construction, materials handling, cranes, factory, sign board and public facility applications. The LEDs are also suitable for emergency warning lights for emergency warning vehicles such as police, fire, ambulance, council vehicles and road assistance.Voltage Available:12-24v DC Dual Voltage/48v DC /180~250v AC
Colours available: R (Red) Y (Amber) G (Green) B (Blue)
RLR LED Warning Light (12/24v/48v): Operating Temperature: -30c ~ +70c   Vibration Resistance 110m/s2
RLR LED Warning Light (180~250v): Operating Temp. (180-250v):  -10c ~ +50c  Vibration Resistance 45m/s2

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