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Economical LED signal towers from Patlite

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PATLITE Corporation has introduced the second series of new economical LED status indicating light.

This low cost but high quality LED signal tower is perfect sizing at 60mm (25mm - 100mm) in diameter and uses super bright LED's that last 100,000 hours.

This series is lower in cost than most incandescent signal towers that require costly bulb replacement, labor and down-time.

Features include:

* 100,000 hours (over 11 years) of maintenance-free operation

* Low power consumption - 10 times more efficient that other bulb signal towers.

* ac/dc24V - 100 - 120 or 90 - 240 type

* Any light combination - interchangable

* FB Patlite LME signal tower includes flashing and audible alarm capabilities with two selectable single-tone, intermittent alarms with adjustable volume to 85dB

* Shipped pre-wired and pre-assembled for easy ordering and installation

* 300mm steel pole assembly and mounting bracket (SZ-012) included

* UL component recognised and CE compliant

* NPN and PNP open collector transistor compatible

* IP-54

* Used by over 90% of Japanese manufacturers

* Single stack with Multin – available in a variety of colours.

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