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Pick and place voice technology

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article image Warehouse management with voice technology.

PAPERLESS Warehousing has released the VoiceTrak, a fully interactive voice system.

It runs on a standard personal digital assistant (PDA) and is integrated with a the company’s warehouse management system (WMS). This allows the entire warehouse to be managed with voice technology.

Because the system is an integral part of the WMS rather than an add-on and operates on a standard PDA it is significantly cheaper than other systems.

Previous voice technology systems had picking modules that did not receive information from the WMS in real time. This meant the information in the handset was static. Pickers could be sent to empty locations or locations that require replenishment.

VoiceTrak operates in conjunction with the WMS in real time. Every warehousing function can be managed in an interactive manner, including receiving, put-away, autopicking, replenishment, stock check and stocktaking.

The system is notified with a simple voice command, instead of the picker having to tick a box, write down a number or press a combination of keys.

This means stock pickers do not have to constantly glance down at their paperwork. They can focus on the picking task, as well as remaining alert to any other moving equipment or potential hazards on the floor or in the racking. This promotes good occupational health and safety.

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