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Paperless Warehousing celebrate 20 years of business

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Paperless Warehousing  (PW), founded in 1988, by John Vercoe and Gerard Macreadie, will be celebrating 20 years of successful business on the 28th November 2008. The company was established with a vision to improve inventory accuracy and the workers efficiency within the warehouse by eliminating paperwork. Paperless Warehousing started with two directors, two programmers and a 386C running as the main server.

PW Managing Director, John Vercoe, said that the Internet, email and cellular phones were unknown and PW were developing their own RF terminals. Looking back on what PW have designed, it was elementary compared to the product available today, but it did the job and it was here that PW forged forward.

Like many companies at the time, tough times were ahead as the Australian economy was forced into recession. Needless to say the 5-year plan of PW went out the window and they went into survival mode. PW installed their first site in 1990 for a paper merchant company in Regents Park.

John Vercoe recalls that one of his most memorable contracts was Bluebird Foods. They were a helping hand during the early years and the Australian recession. PW were desperate t get their contract and Gerard and John Vercoe were sitting across from the CIO, Peter Lamb, contract were signed. In 1989 Warren Notley joined the PW crew and became the third shareholder and Director of the company. The three Directors- John, Gerard and Warren are still with the company.

Looking at the company now 20 years on, PW have certainly grown from those humble beginnings into a company home to 28 employees, with clients in 11 countries in over 100 warehouses. John Vercoe also stated that majority of PW staff have been with the company for 5 years or more and it is like a big family.

John Vercoe responds to a question about the future of PW by saying that he want to continue doing what PW do best, but do it better. PW need to educate the new and future clients as to the scope of what the product is nowadays. PW need to tell them about the new developments of .Net, Dock Management, Track and Trace, PW Retail, ASN (Advanced Shipping Notices) and Voice Picking to name a few.

He also stated that no longer PW are just a warehousing system, but a logistic efficiency tool. He thinks PW have a lot to achieve offshoot products and techniques that will further help the system and their clients move forward. The name Paperless Warehousing is now the industry term for such Warehousing Management Systems.

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