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EPI TDPA from Packspec is an additive that when added in proportion to a normal resin formulation, will act like a molecular clock reliably degrading the film in months or years depending on what your requirements are.  

TDPA additive for resin contains no controversial chemicals, or any components requiring special regulatory approval. TDPA technology is food contact approved (FDA & SCF).

Degradable and biodegradable films have historically been produced from starch based polymers and have been very expensive to produce. This is due to a technically difficult manufacturing process, as well as starch based polymers lack clarity, wet (hydrophilic) and tensile strength.  

A critical advantage of TDPA technology is that it does not alter the physical performance or characteristics of the plastic and does not alter the performance properties of plastic, and during it’s useful life. TDPA additive for resin is indistinguishable in look, weight and performance from conventional plastic.  

TDPA technology can be incorporated into most commodity resins, such as LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, PS.  

Once TDPA additive for resin activates degradation the plastic becomes brittle (experiencing a loss in tensile strength and elasticity), breaks up into small pieces, then biodegrades into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.  

The type and percentage of the additive used, determines the period before breakdown. By specially formulating the blend, breakdown can be controlled to occur as soon as 6 months or as far out as 6 years after manufacture.  

Film can be supplied in Single Wound Sheet (SWS) format for automated Form, Fill & Seal applications.

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