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Advantages of water soluble packaging film

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Sustainable practices being adopted by the packaging industry are leading to the increased use of water soluble plastics across several industries.

Water soluble plastics are composed of 75 per cent polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), the balance consisting of compound plasticizers and organic additives. PVA is a soluble resin, and all the substances are biodegradable and contain no heavy and/or toxic substances.

Water soluble film is a green packaging material and offers multiple advantages including total solubility in water, biodegradable properties, non-toxic and anti-static characteristics, printability, resistance to ultraviolet light, and resistance to gases, oils and grease.

Water soluble packaging film is ideal for use as laundry bags, as well as packing agricultural chemicals, cement additives or liquid detergents and powders.

PACKSPEC supplies laundry bags in two sizes, which are 100% water soluble at <65°C.

To pack hyper-toxic agricultural chemicals, PACKSPEC offers water soluble film as pre-formed bags for manual filling, or in a single wound sheet format supplied as a roll for automated in-house form, fill and seal packaging.

Cement additives are both high in alkali and acidity, and can easily cause injury to the operators' eyes and skin and even pollute the environment. Using water soluble packaging not only protects the operators, but also allows them to measure out and control the exact dosages required, thus avoiding wastage.

A wide range of household and industrial materials can be safely packed and dispensed using PVA water soluble packaging.

These include liquid laundry detergents, detergent powders, powder chemicals and dyes, which can all be portion-controlled and dispensed easily using water soluble packaging.

Water soluble packaging film is available from PACKSPEC .

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