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100% water soluble laundry bags from PACKSPEC

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PACKSPEC  now have 100% water soluble laundry bags available healthcare and infection control.

PACKSPEC water soluble laundry bags are made from 75% polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), and 25% compound plasticisers and organic additives. All substances in these laundry bags are biodegradable, contain no heavy or toxic substances and will dissolve in hot water 65ºC and above.

The best method to deal with instruments and laundry that are infected and dirty is to use water soluble packaging to contain the pathogens and infectivity. The infected items, packaging and all, can be placed directly into the sterilising medium, or washing process, to eliminate any chance of germinal infection.

These water soluble laundry bags are environmental products that have been adapted to avoid the risk of contamination and cross infection to staff and patients, while also protecting items from wear.

Key features of PACKSPEC water soluble laundry bags include:

  • contents are not exposed to the environment during the course of the conveying, washing and drying
  • bags dissolve completely during the washing process and leave no potentially infected waste
  • dissolved material is 100% biodegradable and does not pollute the water or the environment
  • bags ensure the safe transportation of laundry and instruments by staff in hospitals and minimise the risk of contamination and infection
  • anti-static, non-toxic, and impermeable to bacteria and viruses
  • bags come with their own water-soluble bag tie to secure the closure.

Water soluble laundry bags can also be custom made to specific sizes, and supplied perforated on a roll for large volume users.

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