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Pacific Sensor Technologies launches food processing data logger

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article image MadgeTech meat data logger

Pacific Sensor Technologies division Data Logger Store stocks a range of MadgeTech data loggers for use in food processing environments.

MadgeTech meat data loggers are designed to measure and record the temperature and humidity of various meat products during cooking, cooling, shipping and storage. An ideal solution for validating meat processes, MadgeTech data loggers for meat products are suitable for meat cooking validation, meat cooling validation and smokehouse validation.

MadgeTech's meat data loggers provide an easy and efficient way to collect data, and assist users in complying with HACCP regulations. The data loggers are available in both standalone and wireless models. The wireless series streamlines data collection by measuring, recording and wirelessly transmitting readings back to a central computer for real-time monitoring. If the data received is out of a safe range, the system can be configured to send an e-mail, text message or screen alarm.

The Data Logger Store offers a comprehensive collection of humidity and temperature data loggers, oven data loggers and beef jerky data loggers. Many of these data loggers are ideal for oven temperature mapping and internal meat temperature monitoring, and come with easy-to-use software.

Data Logger Store offers calibration for MadgeTech data loggers and other temperature instruments.

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