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Data loggers for warehouse storage monitoring launched

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Data Logger Store, a Pacific Sensor Technologies division presents a new range of data loggers from MadgeTech for warehouse storage monitoring applications.

There are several factors governing and impacting warehouse storage. For instance, in many cases, stored products and items need to maintain appropriate temperature and humidity levels. Data loggers are vital for any business where the storage climate is an important consideration.

Data Logger Store offers MadgeTech data loggers specifically for warehouse storage.

Storage facilities can vary in climate control resources and reliability. For storage facilities without HVAC systems, it makes sense to use one’s own data loggers to keep track of the temperature, CO2 or humidity.

Wireless data logger monitoring takes this another step further by transmitting data wirelessly back to a central PC, allowing for more flexibility in monitoring. Programmable alarms in the data loggers alert staff when thresholds are breached, either on screen or by text or email, providing absolute peace of mind.

Continuous monitoring and tracking of various parameters closely and consistently can alleviate damage or even prevent items from being destroyed. Humidity and temperature can provide suitable conditions for the growth of mould, which can also be dangerous to anyone handling the stored items.

Data Logger Store offers a variety of data logging solutions to custom fit the size and needs of any warehousing facility. Data Logger Store also offers calibration for MadgeTech data loggers and other temperature instruments.

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