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Vital lever and chain blocks from Pacific Hoists now available with overload protection

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Vital lever and chain blocks, available from Pacific Hoists , are now available with optional overload protection for most sizes.  

These lever and chain blocks are suitable across a range of industries including mining, construction, industrial and automotive. They have proven to be an economical method to lift heavy loads with ease. The capacities vary from 0.5 tonne to 20 tonne.  

The NR-series lever blocks feature the “free-wheeling” braking system which enables fast and easy operation. To ensure the braking system operates effectively and continues to support the load, the level blocks require a minimum load of 10% of the working load limit.  

These NR-series lever blocks are ideally suited for the shipbuilding, construction, mining and power transmission industries, and are available from 250kg to 9 tonne.  

The VR-series of lever blocks feature a “lock-in and lock-out” braking system. These free-wheeling braking systems require that the gear drive mechanism be disengaged, which is impossible with any load suspended on it.  

The VR-Series model minimises the dangers associated with operating automatic free-wheeling lever blocks in tandem or with lightly loaded applications. It is ideally suited for the (underground) mining, aerospace and energy industries and are available from 800kg to 6.3 tonnes.  

Operators can now be assured their safety is maximised with the addition of overload protection. It can safeguard them from dangerous usage situations by ensuring the chain or lever and chain blocks meet the required parameters to safely lift and lower a load without the damage caused by excessive loading.

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