SatVUE: Smart Remote Monitoring Solution For Operational Efficiency and Cost Reduction

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SatVUE Smart Remote Monitoring Solution

Cut Risk & Cost - Boost Efficiency & Compliance

SatVUE is one of our most advanced systems, combining smart remote monitoring technology with reliable satellite communications in a compact, off-the-shelf device, which is available globally through our network of partners.

Designed as a low cost Plug & Play device, SatVUE is fast to configure and install, and easy to maintain even in the most extreme conditions.

With the ability to integrate with common analog or digital input communication protocols, simply connect the desired sensor required for your water quality, weather, flow, tank level et al. application, and away you go!

SatVUE users enjoy the peace of mind of reliable, continuous remote monitoring and control of multiple sites, with the enhanced environmental compliance, reputation and bottom line benefits that flow as a result.

Key Features

  • Multi–sensor Compatibility
  • Solar or Battery Powered
  • Easy Plug ‘n’ Play Installation
  • Online Data Portal Enabling Full Remote Access
  • IsatData Pro Satellite Network Communications

Key Benefits

  • Low Maintenance
  • Cost-effective Solution
  • Monitor outside of 3G / 4G Infrastructure
  • Improve Operations Efficiency, Greater Visibility
  • Custody of Data, Reduces Data Transposition Errors

Other Monitoring Requirements? 

We specialise in building custom solutions for a range of monitoring applications (weather, water, dust etc). 

Contact us today to discuss your next project.

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