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SatVUE Smart Remote Monitoring has a new website!

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article image The new SatVUE Smart Remote Monitoring website

Pacific Data Systems Australia announces the launch of a new website for SatVUE, a low-cost smart remote monitoring solution utilising satellite communications to reliably collect, store and report data that can be accessed from anywhere in the world via an internet enabled computer or mobile device.

The SatVUE smart remote monitoring solution saves thousands of dollars in travel and resource expenses every year for companies by eliminating the need for staff to physically visit sites where monitoring is taking place and conduct manual measurements or data retrieval.

The SatVUE system employs a convenient plug-and-play approach to simplify field installations. Unlike other solutions in the market, SatVUE utilises minimal hardware to offer a cost-effective, robust and reliable system for the end user.

The new SatVUE website has an improved structure with features such as 'Products', ‘Sensors & Integrations’, and ‘Applications' clearly presented to support easier navigation.

Existing SatVUE users will still be able to log in via the web portal remotely to view their data, configure sensors, check battery or signal strength, and be alerted to any problems.

Visit SatVUE for more information.

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