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Ozone Industries launches new laundry systems

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This exciting and innovative product has now been successfully in use in commercial laundries since September 2006

The marketing release was postponed to allow the 7921 and 7922 to be proven in actual service. A laundry solutions provider is currently marketing this product.

The germicidal results to date have been good.

At the heart of 7921/7922 laundry systems is the concept of recirculating and constantly ozonating the wash water during the entire wash cycle. This innovative development by Ozone Industries produces high levels of dissolved ozone with almost no off gas. Ozone Industry believes this process to be one of the first in the laundry business and it is set to save users many thousands of dollars in energy and water costs.

Up to now to achieve these high dissolved ozone levels would have required uneconomically large ozone generators running only during the short fill period with the attendant high levels of off gas.

The use of ozone in commercial laundries is not new and has gained wide acceptance due to the savings in using only cold water washes and less rinse cycles

The 7921 and 7922 laundry systems is Australia Made.

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