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What could your business achieve if up to 80% of all outstanding invoices were paid into your bank account today, without having to mortgage property or abide by restrictive lending covenants?

If you are a business which sells to other businesses on credit terms, then debtor finance could provide scalable funding as your sales grow (unlike overdrafts).

How does it work?
Oxford Funding helps you convert sales into cash by buying your approved sales invoices from you. We then pay you up to 80% of the total invoice value, usually within 24 hours. When the invoice is paid, you receive the remaining 20%, less a small fee. 

Businesses in the following industries can receive prompt approval for debtor finance:
  • Recruitment and labour hire
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale trade
  • Agriculture and mining
  • Transport and storage
  • Printing
  • Smash repairers and panel shops 
  • Get immediate cash flow for working capital and to grow your business
  • The product is fully tailored to your situation and needs
  • Convenient and flexible cash access as required (eg. for seasonal fluctuations)
  • Flexible line of credit which grows as sales grow (not restricted by real estate value)
  • Improve profitability through negotiated supplier discounts on early payment 
  • Fund up to 80% of your debtor invoice value within 24 hours of processing
  • Direct online access to account 24 hours a day
  • Backed by a trusted bank for peace of mind
Who is Oxford Funding?
A wholly-owned subsidiary of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited, Oxford Funding is Australia's leading tailored debtor finance specialist, providing cash flow solutions for growing businesses.

Our ability to tailor solutions according to the needs of small and medium business of all sizes allows us to offer the widest range of debtor finance products in Australia.

Our headquarters is located in Melbourne, but we have Australia-wide representation.

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06/09/11 - Debtor finance solutions specialist Oxford Funding Business Cash Flow warns small businesses not to put themselves at risk in a waning property market.
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31/03/08 - Australian companies increased debtor finance levels to record highs by selling $54.3bn to factoring and discounting facilities in the year to December 2007, with the December quarter turnover up 20% on the previous year’s corresponding period, according to new data from the Institute for Factors and Discounters.

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