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New EWT SAF Wastewater Treatment System supplied by Eimco Water Technologies

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Eimco Water Technologies  has launched a SAF (submerged aerated filter) to cater to the ‘packaged sewage treatment’ market in Australia.  

Copa SAF is a well-proven product adopted by most major UK water companies and has been modified by EWT to suit Australian requirements.   

Applications of the Copa SAF include:

  • New SAF sewage treatment that works with either septic tanks or primary tanks
  • Replacing or assisting secondary treatment as an emergency installation or to provide temporary treatment during maintenance, or provide extra treatment capacity
  • Tertiary SAF unit for ammonia removal
  • Industrial effluent treatment requirements including continuous treatment or one-off batch treatment of landfill leachate, abattoir effluent or food industry effluent
  • Mining or construction camp sites and resorts

“Copa SAF can be quickly installed and is easily operated. Yet it also gives robust performance and can be expected to provide 20 years or more of service,” says John Koumoukelis, National Sales Manager – Industrial/Municipal for Eimco Water Technologies.  

SAF is an aerobic, fixed film wastewater treatment system with permanently submerged media, usually aerated from below. Sludge is removed from below. SAF can achieve 15 mg/l BOD, 25 mg/l SS and 4 mg/l ammonia.  

UK supplier EWT has 17 years of SAF installation experience and has supplied units to all leading UK water companies including South West Water, Wessex Water, Severn Trent Water and North of Scotland Water Authority.  

Its projects include:

  • Coping with additional loads from a new housing development
  • A temporary solution during sewage treatment refurbishment
  • Lifting the capacity of a treatment works to cope with a seasonal influx of tourists to a village
  • Meeting tighter effluent constraints
  • Replacing existing sewage treatment works at a school
  • Mining and construction camps

 More than 300 Copa SAF tanks have been manufactured to date, with 60 of these for non-UK markets.  

Key features of the Copa SAF system

  • Stainless steel tank with a polyurethane coating
  • The system’s media is structured plastic of 150m²/m³ or 200 m²/m³
  • Fine-bubble membrane diffusers are used on removable stainless steel pipework
  • Above ground SAF enjoys the benefits of a gravity sludge return and relocatable design
  • Below ground SAF has the advantages of a low visual impact as well as no requirement for desludging or inlet pumping
  • The diffuser can be replaced without interrupting the flow

Optional extras for the SAF include mild steel tanks, form 4 control panels, acoustic enclosures as well as walkways and access ladders.  

Concrete SAF systems have been installed for some customers while a uni-tank SAF is available that integrates the primary and final settlement tanks.  

SAF units can be hired for emergency responses, planned maintenance or trial plants.  

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