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Summerweight Anti-Vibration Gloves from OTB Products - becoming an industry standard

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Nobody wants Reynard’s Disease (White finger). The good news is that, by using Anti-Vibration Gloves, it can be avoided. Those exposed to hand/arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) stand a good chance of getting White Finger. Early stages are not too bad – some loss of sensation in the fingers, followed by some pain then blanching of the fingers then loss of use of the fingers then – well we really don’t want to go there.

Exposure to vibration has increased to the point where it is now common place in many industries and even in the home. Why? The simple answer is that all the products that were used 10-15 years ago have been powered up.

Many power tool suppliers have taken steps to dampen vibration but it is almost impossible to completely eliminate vibration. Global Standards now recommend the use of Anti-vibration gloves when using vibration dampening powered tools and equipment. The combination of these will significantly reduce the instances of HAVS in the future. Council crews, SES crews, lawn mowing contractors, landscape gardeners and countless others can all minimise exposure to vibration by a combination of Anti Vibration gloves and selecting tools and equipment from responsible manufacturers.

Chase Ergonomics have been manufacturing Anti Vibration gloves that exceed Global Standards. These anti vibration gloves, now available from OTB Products are designed for specific applications and have been well received by users. The Summerweight anti-vibration glove is the choice for Councils, contractors and domestic applications. Summerweight anti-vibration gloves offer dexterity and comfort and their material back helps reduce heat build-up. The Premium range is ideal for heavy duty applications i.e. Jack Hammers, while the Drivers style suits both light and heavy plant operators.

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