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OTB Products announces Pureflo ESM powered air respirator helmets for industrial environments

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article image The adjustable neck cape on Pureflo air respirator helmets maintains the positive pressure zone within the helmet
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Pureflo ESM powered air respirator helmets, now stocked by OTB Products , are designed for use in industrial environments that require all in one head, eye, face and respiratory protection from hazardous airborne contaminants, sparks, flying debris, chemical and molten metal splashes.

These battery operated, positive pressure respirators are lighter, smaller and more powerful than previous models, ensuring a constant supply of clean air, even in the most arduous working conditions.

Two lightweight, rechargeable batteries power Pureflo powered air respirators, slotting easily into position within the helmet to provide eight or more hours of continuous operation. When required, they can be recharged fully within 2.5 hours, without removing them from the helmet.

Pureflo ESM powered air respirator helmets are more convenient to use when compared with other respirators, as they require no trailing leads or belt mounted attachments. This fully self contained design allows wearers to move freely from task to task without any restrictions, even in confined spaces.

To prevent the inhalation of potentially harmful particulates and aerosols from the surrounding atmosphere, the respirators feature a high efficiency P3 filter, while the combination of a helmet and face shield protects the head, eyes and face from impact or liquid splashes.

To ensure optimum airflow is maintained at all times, a unique, state of the art Electronic Systems Management system constantly monitors filter usage, fan delivery and battery performance when the helmets are in use.

Applications for Pureflo ESM powered air respirators include in:

  • cement manufacture
  • ceramics
  • powder mixing
  • grain handling
  • laboratories
  • lead manufacture
  • metal working
  • oil refining
  • pharmaceutical; and
  • rubber and plastic manufacture.

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