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Entrance and Anti Fatigue Mats by OTB Products

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Rubber Entrance Matts for removing all dirt from footwear
OTB Products provides entrance mats with a raised rubber backing for crush proof scraping. The raised rubber water dam holds dirt and water from all flooring types including carpets. These entrance mats are ideal for use inside or outside.

How much muck can a Mud ChuckerTM chuck?
The Mud ChuckerTM Boot and Shoe Scraper is very efficient in scraping off grass clippings, snow, salt, sand and any other dirt from shoes or boots.

Research shows that it is seven times more cost effective to prevent dirt entering buildings rather than removing dirt once entered.

  • Side walls feature pliable rubber finger tips for removing extra dirt
  • Can be used with standard entrance matting or along in confined areas
  • Where used permanently, the scraper can be bolted or staked down
  • Otherwise it can be mobile for workers moving around

The Mud ChuckerTM is simple to clean with dirt shaken off and melted snow runs down the front and back edges.

Multi Purpose Spatter Mats for BBQ grease
The spatter matting is designed for decks and patios where BBQ grease and stains can occur. The mats are also suitable for garage floors where oil and water can occur.

  • Holds grease, oil and other liquids
  • Waterproof resin backing
  • Can be used on all surfaces

OTB Products ensure high quality matting for safety and dirt control in domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

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