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Con-Space rescue communication systems available from OTB Products

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Con-Space rescue communication systems, available from OTB Products , are suitable for disaster and emergency responses. Hardline systems are suitable for confined space, hazmat, structural collapse, victim location, training, bomb disposal, hostage/covert situations, decontamination and trench rescues. Radio accessories are suitable for swift water, fire fighting, riot, SWAT, training, covert operations and high angle rescues.

Rescue situations can be hazardous and hostile. Time becomes the crucial element between life and death, making it necessary to have clear and uninterrupted voice communication. From the first moment of assessment to the final rescue, speed, time and coordination become a single function. With a Con-Space rescue communication system on site, rescue commanders can issue clear voice commands by hardline or by a radio, providing team members with the critical information needed to execute a successful rescue in the shortest possible time.

Con-Space hardline systems and radio accessories are designed to work well in high noise and with any type of respiratory equipment or protective clothing. Rescuers currently use Con-Space products while wearing flash hoods, full face breathing apparatus and encapsulated suits. Hardline systems are full duplex, providing total hands-free communication for all users.

Radio Accessories have a Push To Talk (PTT) switch that can be operated while located under bunker gear or inside a hazmat suit. Con-Space communication equipment is waterproof and adapts to rescue environments. Con-Space communication equipment is compliant with the rescue safety regulations.

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