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OTB Products  stocks a wide range of matting products for diverse requirements in industrial, commercial and residential environments.

OTB’s anti-fatigue matting includes dome style mats and slip resistant mats.

Dome style anti fatigue mats are designed to prevent sore feet, knees and hips caused by standing in the same place for long periods.

The rubber anti fatigue mats will offer comfort and value for money, and are especially useful in industrial segments where workers are expected to stand for long periods in the same place and position.

By raising comfort levels, anti fatigue mats can help increase productivity. These mats feature hundreds of rubber domes that act like tiny springs to cushion the body and cause the person standing on it to make thousands of tiny corrections in their posture during the day, helping to keep the joints lubricated and decrease injury.

OTB also supplies a range of slip resistant anti fatigue mats. The super hard wearing rubber mats are ideal for any kitchen, bar or industrial application, and feature holes that allow liquids to drain through to keep the surface dry.

These anti fatigue mats eliminate slip hazards from the floor while keeping the user comfortable. The slip resistant mats also contain a recycled component that maintains their green credentials.

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