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Portable lighting products from Ostaline

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Ostaline  offers a wide range of portable lighting products such as rechargeable handlamps and portable safety handlamps.

Ostaline supplies a range of Nitech portable lighting, batteries and power systems. Nitech X-Cell Rechargeable Handlamps offers up to 8 hours of continuous, high performance light output. The handlamps operates at temperatures ranging from minus 40 degree Celsius to plus 60 degree Celsius. The luminous lens rim glows in the dark to aid location. The handlamps are lightweight units and are designed to withstand tough handling.

Ostaline supplies personal signalling torch and headtorches. The personal signalling torch is a highly compact unit which is powered by 2 x AA batteries. The torch has an integral red or green colour filter with external control and consists of a unique two-stage reflector system with a tail cap on/off switch. The torch is sturdy enough to survive rough handling conditions, can withstand extremes temperatures and is waterproof to 5 metres. Headtorches offers comfortable and hands-free lighting and provides up to 8 hours of operating time. The wide, adjustable band is customised to fit all heads or safety helmets.

In addition to supplying a range of portable lighting products, Ostaline also supplies specialised grouting equipment and drilling instrumentation.

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