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Proximity Warning System improves workplace safety

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Orbit Communications  is proud to announce the recent release of its second generation BodyGuard vehicle and personnel proximity warning system. BodyGuard is an industrial-quality proximity detection and warning system.

The system has been designed to help improve workplace safety by effectively lowering the risk of collision between people and moving objects. BodyGuard proximity warning system has been built durable and robust to offer ongoing, reliable performance for almost any environment.

BodyGuard proximity warning system has an audible and visual alarm that is activated to alert personnel in the event of a close proximity of moving objects and potential of collision.

In addition to the on-board audible/visual proximity warning, the system has two digital outputs that can be used to control the movement of a vehicle or provide an auxiliary external proximity warning alert. The dual output signals can be used to indicate a “pre-warning” proximity to another object and the second output can stop the vehicle or control an additional external proximity warning in event of high possibility of collision.

The system operates by creating an invisible “shield of protection” (detection zone) around any object that is fitted with a BodyGuard proximity warning device. The range of this invisible detection zone is programmable from a couple of metres to over 100 metres. Whenever any object fitted with a BodyGuard proximity warning device enters the detection zone of another object that is also fitted with a BodyGuard device, an audible/visual alarm will be activated to alert the operator.

Each detected object has a specific “Object Type” and Unique “ID”.  All proximity detections are recorded in a permanent History Log that contains the Time and Date of the event, the Type of Object detected, ID of the object and relative distance. Other events, such as object leaving the detection zone and Reset button being pressed, are also recorded.

The History Log contains details of all proximity events that have occurred and can later be downloaded using a PDA device or Laptop computer. This proximity detection information is useful for risk reduction analysis and planning improvements to safety process in the workplace.

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