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PCU300 series pump control system

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The PCU300 series pump control and monitoring system represents a breakthrough in reliability and robustness for remotely operated pump stations and tank monitoring.

The system consists of a tank unit (PCU301) and a pump unit (PCU302). Each unit has its own remote display (PCU303) that gives visual indication of the state of all inputs and outputs at a glance (pump running, alarm, low/ high level), says Orbit Communications .

Easy to install and simple to use. The unit is designed to operate automatically, without any adjustments, tuning or setup. Omni-directional antennas enable the system to operate in any direction over several kilometres.

All inputs and outputs have been designed to offer excellent protection against voltage spikes, over current, short circuits and incorrect connections.

The float switch inputs offer 5300 VAC (rms) isolation. In the event of voltage spikes appearing on the float inputs, the circuit is protected by limiting these voltages to a safe level.

Alarm and pump relay contacts provide 1500VAC isolation and current switching up to 7 Amps at 240 VAC.

The power supply has a wide input voltage range of 9.2V to 36V and offers 500VDC isolation, over voltage, over current and short-circuit, it also has built-in EMI reduction.

Powerful 1W, spread spectrum 915-928MHZ radio module provides extremely robust wireless link in the presence of noise from motors and other industrial switching or noise sources.

The radio link between ank unit and pump unit is continuously monitored. A built-in alarm indicates if there is any problem with the link (damaged antenna, loss of power at remote unit etc).

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