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Orbit Communications are leading the way in innovative collision avoidance systems and personal protection equipment with the introduction of their BodyGuard Proximity Detection and Warning Systems.

Designed to save lives and prevent damage to property and expensive machinery, these proximity warning systems effectively reduce the risk of colliding with moving machinery, vehicles or personnel within the workplace.

Utilising radio signal technology, the BodyGuard proximity sensors sets up an invisible shield around heavy machinery or vehicles fitted with the proximity sensors to protect both machinery and personnel.

When the proximity detection and warning systems detect that the invisible shield has been penetrated an alarm is activated warning the operator of the impending danger.

Increase workplace safety and minimise machinery downtime with proximity warning systems

  • Simple to Use: There are no cameras to keep clean or to distract the operator of the machinery - the system automatically provides operators with both an audible and visible warning rather than relying on the operator constantly having to look away at a screen
  • Robust and Reliable: The equipment is able to withstand both heat and cold, dust, smoke and wet conditions likely to be encountered onsite
  • Industry Approved: Complies with IP68 (the international standard for dust and water ingress), the BodyGuard Proximity Warning Systems are also C-Tick approved for operation throughout Australia, and is backed by more than 35 years experience in electronics and remote radio control systems

Having undergone exhaustive testing and development, the BodyGuard proximity warning systems are now well past the advanced development stage and are being deployed across a range of applications within the mining and materials handling industries, in fact, almost wherever heavy moving machinery operates.

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