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Chain-Tak lubrication spray available from Onsite Industrial Distributors

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Chain-Tak lubrication spray available from Onsite Industrial Distributors is designed for special lubrication of chains, chain drive systems, conveyors and gears. Chain-Tak lubrication is formulated with adhesive additives to enhance the life and performance of the chains and associated machinery. Lack of lubrication of small moving parts can result in expensive breakdowns and downtime.

Chain-Tak lubrication spray is a clear foaming spray that will clean and lubricate and is suitable where colour staining is an issue. This will stick to the chain after penetrating the links where oil lubrication is necessary. Chain-Tak has a temperature range of –10°C to +200°C. This temperature range is important to applications involving elevated temperatures where conventional greases or oils will literally ‘fall out’

Chain-Tak lubrication spray is also moisture, solvent and corrosion resistant. These factors are important in situations where demands are placed on the lubrication of the machinery. Chain-Tak will improve the operation under these conditions. Chain-Tak lubrication spray once dry will not drip or flick off the chain or application, and will adhere at speeds and will not be affected on sharp turns or high ration gear systems.

Chain-Tak is suitable for use on all chains, gears, drive-shafts, drive systems, cables and pulleys and is not detrimental to O rings in chain linkages.

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