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One Stop Test & Tag provide a range of portable appliance testers and accessories for testing the electrical safety of appliances in a wide range of applications.

Quick and easy portable appliance testers
The U-test 376t has been designed with ease of use and reliability in mind. Designed by those in the industry for the less technically minded, the U-test 376t is easy and simple to operate. Features include:
  • 500 tests between battery charges
  • Earth continuity and polarity tests
  • Insulation test (Class 1, Class 2 and leads)
  • Solid construction with high grade extruded aluminium housing
  • Fast test results
  • Purpose built carry case
  • 2 year warranty
  • Ideal for tradespersons 
  • Perform simultaneous multiple tests on appliances
RCD portable test equipment
The TnT-RCD provide RCD testing with the following features:
  • Earth test
  • Leakage current
  • Insulation resistance
  • Polarity
  • True 10Amp capability unit
Multifunction testers for hard wired appliances
The new MI 3309 Delta GT is a multifunction tester equipped with additional inputs for performing tests on hard wired appliances. Features include:
  • Large high resolution graphical display with back light 
  • Easy reading of results, indications, measurement parameters & messages 
  • Large green and red pass/fail lights 
  • Large flash memory, stores approximately 1500 tests 
  • USB and RS232C for communicating with PC and barcode reader 
  • Built in real time clock
  • Bar code system for quick test code selection and ID of DUT 
  • Programmable limits for pass/fail evaluation 
  • Compatible with PAT Link pro software 
  • Portable light weight design 
  • Operates from mains power or batteries (rechargeable) 
  • Built in Isolation Transformer for testing Portable RCD's 
Multifunction portable test instrument with bluetooth
The Sigma GT is a multifunctional portable test instrument intended to perform all measurements for testing the electrical safety of portable electrical equipment. Features includes:
  • Bluetooth communication with printer and barcode scanner 
  • Large high resolution graphical display with back light 
  • Large flash memory, stores up to 6000 results 
  • USB and 2 x RS232C for communicating with PC, barcode scanner and printer 
  • Soft touch QWERTY keyboard 
  • Built in real time clock 
  • Fully compatible with PAT Link PRO PC software package 
  • Pre-programmed test sequences 
  • Fast testing with barcode and / or RFID tag identification systems 
  • Test data can be uploaded from PC 
  • Can operate from mains power or batteries and has a built in battery charger 
One Stop Test & Tag supply top of the range testing equipment with the experience and expertise to provide the ideal testing solution for any application.

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26/09/12 - One Stop Test & Tag presents a new range of multifunctional instruments designed for professional, general and multi-location portable appliance testing applications.

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