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Applications of Motion Control Systems
Omron Electronics have developed Trajexia motion platforms designed to complete a range of motion tasks including:

  • Ecam
  • E-gearbox
  • Registration control
  • Interpolation
Features and Benefits of Motion Control Systems
The motion control platforms available from Omron allow users to perform a wide range of motion tasks all via simple motion commands. Other features and benefits include:

Multitasking BASIC programming

  • The TJ2-MC64 units (Machine Controller Unit) feature a multitasking version of the BASIC programming language.
  • Multitasking is simple to set up and use and allows very complex machines to be programmed. Multitasking gives the TJ2-MC64 a significant advantage over equivalent single task systems.
  • It allows modular applications where the logically connected processes can be grouped together in the same task program, thus simplifying the code architecture and design.
The TJ2-MC64 can hold up to 32 programs if memory size permits. Up to 22 programs can be run simultaneously. The execution of the programs is user controlled using BASIC.

BASIC programming
  • The BASIC language consists among others of commands, functions and parameters. These BASIC statements are the building blocks provided to control the TJ2-MC64 operation
  • Commands are words recognized by the processor that perform a certain action but do not return a value. For example, PRINT is a recognized word that will cause the value of the following functions or variables to be printed on a certain output device
  • Functions are words recognized by the processor that perform a certain action and return a value related to that action
  • Parameters are words recognized by the processor that contain a certain value. This value can be read and, if not read only, written. Parameters are used to determine and monitor the behavior of the system. For example, ACCEL determines the acceleration rate of a movement for a certain axis
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