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Premium Quality Light Curtains
Omron Electronics range of light curtains and safety sensors have been designed and manufactured to offer both work safety and productivity benefits, as can be seen in their ability to effectively check for intrusions into hazardous areas and building safety circuits.

Apart from their safety features, these light curtains and safety sensors are also very versatile safety systems as they can be used for a variety of industrial applications where there is a need to enhance both worker and machine safety.

Light Curtains and Safety Sensors Range
Featuring a fail safe design that is capable of detecting any internal circuit failures, the safety light curtains can be used to detect fingers, hands, arms, legs (Type 4) as well as human bodies (Type 2). The range of safety light curtains and safety sensors offered by Omron include

Type 2 Safety Light Curtains and Safety Sensors
  • F3SN-B: Light curtains designed to be used in locations subject to vibration as they offer a wider direction angle
  • E3ZS: Versatile safety sensors capable of being used for various applications featuring hazardous gaps and long lines of multiple machinery
  • E3FS: Offering a sensing distance of 10m, these photoelectric safety sensors comply with various international safety standards

Type 4 Safety Light Curtains and Safety Sensors

  • F3SR-8: Ruggedly designed safety curtains, ideally used for extreme work environments
  • F3S3: Simple to use safety curtains that can be retrofitted onto existing equipment or newly designed equipment
  • MS4800: Offering a long operating range of 20m, these light curtains provides excellent reliability and durability
  • F3SN-A: Space saving, these self contained light curtains require no control box
  • F3SN-A[]SS: Short range light curtain capable of providing excellent hand protection
  • F3SH-A: Multi beam safety sensors that can be programmable to meet your needs
  • F3SS: Single beam safety sensors provides capable of providing a sensing distance of 60m
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