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Wind farm selects Omniflex’s Teleterm M2 RTU for effective monitoring

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Omniflex  completed the supply of another packaged low cost communication solution for the capture of multiple digital and analogue alarm channels on a Wind Farm installation, with remote telemetry and monitoring.

The system included the supply of fully configured Teleterm M2 RTUs at the Wind farm, to provide the alarm multiplexing action, and at the sub-station providing the de-multiplexing action.

The Teleterm M2 RTU at the Wind farm captures up to 10 alarm inputs and, using either network, radio or existing pilot cables, exchanges data between the Wind farm and the primary sub-station. This enabled considerable cable saving and cost without losing the benefit of independent alarm monitoring.

At the sub-station, the second Teleterm M2 RTU is responsible for providing alarm inputs into the station alarm annunciator system for local annunciation (an Omniflex Omni16c alarm annunciator system) and also into a distributed monitoring system for onward transmission to the central control room.

Also at the Wind farm locations, Omniflex provided their PT5K power supply units, with wide operating temperature rating, used to provide power to the Teleterm M2 RTU units. These power supplies were also monitored to ensure correct operation using the digital and analogue capability of the Teleterm M2 units.

This was achieved using inputs assigned at the Wind farm Teleterm RTU to monitor the supply voltages, whilst at the sub-station, analogue channels were used to operate an independent dual trip amplifier (Omniflex TTB trip amplifier).

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