RTU Single and Dual Power Supply with Integrated Backup Battery Charging

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The POWERTERM PSU/Charger range offers a complete power solution for small battery-backed dc instrument power systems such as SCADA RTU's, Data-loggers, Access Control Systems and Remote Instrument Panels.

AC/DC and Integrated Battery Charging:

  • Comprehensive range of small to medium current loads. AC/DC - DC/DC – SOLAR – 0.5 to 5 amp loads.
  • Accommodates 12 and 24 V battery setups.
  • Available in single and dual mode 12  or 24 Vdc, 12 and 24 Vdc  systems with continuous power during ac line interruptions without the need for inverters or mains UPS's. 
  • Manages battery-backed function for optimum backup time and battery life can be tricky and expensive. These products incorporate many features that make installing such systems simple and foolproof..
  • This power equipment is quick and easy to deploy. Connect mains, batteries and your load and you're done!
  • These units provide a complete solution in a single compact package. Add up all of the functions and try to find a lower cost, more space efficient solution.

Battery charger modules and alternate power supplies with built-in features

  • Dual-mode charger for sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries
  • Under-voltage cut-out to protect battery from deep discharge
  • Current limited battery charging for optimum battery life
  • Temperature sensing for optimum battery float voltage
  • Charger shutdown input for automatic battery testing (on some models)
  • Independent battery and load terminals for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Integrated ac OK monitor relay output contact
  • No field adjustments.
  • DIN Rail mounted for ease of mounting with existing equipment
  • Lightweight efficient Switch-mode supply design for small enclosures
  • There are models in the range that also provide both 12V and 24V outputs in a single package, allowing the operation of 24 Volt instrumentation and 12V radios from a single power supply.

The Powerterm combined PSU/Chargers have been standardised on by many major utilities in countries such as Australia, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom

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