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Omniflex manufacture Remote Terminal Unit Systems for use in industrial automation and communication.

Remote terminal unit systems for industrial automation and communication
Remote Terminal Unit Systems from Omniflex are suitable for a range of applications including:
  • Data Acquisition
  • Remote Control
  • Energy Management
  • Telemetry
  • 3rd party device interfacing
  • Pump control
  • MCC interfacing
  • Alarm Annunciation
  • Machine Monitoring
  • Security systems for utilities, mining, minerals, manufacturing, food and beverage, chemical and petro-chemical industries
Programmable remote terminal unit systems 
The Omniflex range of Remote Terminal Unit Systems provides users with a variety of features and benefits including:
  • Modular design with optional base sizes
  • AC, DC or solar powered with battery charging options to match user requirements
  • Programmable in high level language from PC or notebook
  • On-line parameter download/upload via program port or network
  • Range of digital and analog I/O modules (8 and 16 channel)
  • Hot plug-in facility
  • RS232/485 gateways for 3rd party device interfacing (e.g. PLCs)
  • Programmable NIMs (network interface modules) for expansion to other networks or interface to 3rd party devices
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06/07/11 - Omniflex has announced new M2S remote terminal units, designed for remote pipeline monitoring applications, which feature a built-in SD card data logger.
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10/09/08 - Omniflex offer safety certified alarm annunciators that perform a vital role in providing a layer of protection, capable of handling complex and unexpected dangerous conditions in accordance with the current safety standards.

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