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VBS bin aerators

VBS bin aerators are powered by the patented Tramontana Disk Fluidiser technology, delivering a unique one-way directional air flow.

New and innovative design improves productivity

Designed to maximise system efficiency: the fastest loadout speed.

Tramontana Disk Fluidiser

One-way directional air flow boosts powder discharge.

Food & Pharmaceutical Grade

Made with FDA approved components.

Aerators for silos, hoppers, pipes

The VBS is designed to maximise unloading efficiency: Tramontana Disk Fluidiser boosts the powder discharge speed thanks to its unique shape.


Ideal for handling flour, starch, lime, cement, dry chemicals, and plastic resins.


  • Lower operating pressure
  • Reduced air consumption
  • Unique high efficiency design
  • Resolves bridge and rat-holing problems
  • Comprehensive product range
  • Retrofit design
  • Interchangeable with other aerator makes
  • Quick installation
  • Food-grade options


  • Rectangular external mounting kit for VBS
  • High temperature membrane version 235°C
  • Metal detectable membrane version
  • External mounting Mini VBS
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29/10/10 - The OLI Vibrating Bin Aerators are used for the improvement of mass flow in powders and granular materials.

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