Russell Finex Sieves, Filters and Separation Equipment for Wet or Dry Materials

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Nupac Industries offer the complete range of Russell Finex Sieves, Filters and Separation Equipment for wet or dry materials.

Russell Finex produce the world’s most advanced range of separation equipment for wet or dry materials. Machines designed to help customers maintain consistently high product quality and improve productivity.

Russell Finex can help you apply strict quality control at all stages of your process

  • Check Screening for removal of debris and foreign bodies.
  • Grading and Sizing materials
  • Liquid/Solids Separation
  • Recovery of usable product that otherwise would be lost
Russell Finex Manufacture machines offering you the following benefits
  • Stainless steel modular machines to ensure ingredients and products remain contamination free
  • Quick disassembly without tools
  • Easy cleaning
  • A variety of finishes and components to suit the needs of all industries
The range of Russell Finex Separation Equipment is suitable for the following Industries
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical and Chemical
  • Adhesives and Plastisols
  • Paint and Coatings
  • Metal powders
Safeguard the quality of your products with Russell Finex Sieving, Filtering and Separation Equipment.

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30/07/10 - Nupac Industries are Australian suppliers of the Russell Finex range of sieves, separators, filters and ultrasonic systems.
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