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TCM, represented by NTP Forklifts, has introduced several new LPG, diesel engine and battery electric forklift trucks to the Australian market.

The FB VII Series has a newly adopted low maintenance ac motor said to deliver in excess of 8.5 hours of battery life while the compact chassis is said to allow operators can move more freely within confined spaces.

In the FR VII Series the company claims stability is enhanced via an antilock suspension control system and front wheel brakes, while the ac drive control system allows more precise control and superior load handling performance. The series also offers longer operating hours and a wider compartment with inbuilt waist and hip support.

The two-directional Acroba J forklift is a four-wheel drive machine and has pivot turn capabilities for tight turning circles normally confined to three-wheel forklifts. Its small body also allows for operation in narrow aisles and spaces.

The 3.5t - 5t internal combustion forklifts are equipped with new engines said to meet stringent worldwide emission controls. The company claims the series introduces new features such as improved transmission, electric shift level with three-way speed changes, wider view mast, lower engine vibration and better fuel consumption.

New model heavy-duty forklifts include an improved and mobile 11.5t - 25t forklift said to offer the fastest lift speeds in its class. Enhancements have also been made to the company’s largest model, the 43t forklift. Capable of stacking up to five loaded containers, it now comes equipped with features said to meet the demand of modern harbours for larger, heavier loading capacities.

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