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Oxygen analysis reduces spoilage rates

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With six samples taken for oxygen analysis at the start of each production run, another four every hour and six more after each break for many product lines, Don Smallgoods takes no chances with quality.

Two Novatech oxygen analysers are used: one at the production line and a second in Don Smallgoods' laboratory and quality assurance areas.

The results of the testing have been good according to the company quality officer, who has observed very low spoilage rates, with very low levels of residual oxygen in packs.

Many of Don Smallgoods’ product lines are gas flushed with a 30% nitrogen, 70% carbon dioxide mixture and the company target is for oxygen levels of less than 1%.

Given the importance of the correct ratio, accurate testing is essential, the Novatech analyser will be helpful, with an automatic switchover from percentage readouts to parts per million scale for ultra low readings.

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