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Dual function reflectometer available from Novasys Group

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article image Novo-Shade Duo dual function reflectometer

By accurately measuring the hiding power of a coating formulation, it is often possible to reduce the amount of expensive pacifying agents while maintaining the required hiding power. Even marginal reductions in raw materials such as titanium dioxide add up to significant savings over time.

Measuring the opacity of printed flexible packaging can also lead to cost savings for the printer. The film weight of an opaque coating can often be reduced by 20% while maintaining the hiding power required in the finished film.

The Novo-Shade Duo from Rhopoint Instruments, UK, is a dual function reflectometer that accurately measures hiding power.

The Novo-Shade Duo shines a beam of light at a surface and quantifies the proportion reflected back. In opacity mode, the instrument calculates hiding power of a coating by using reflectance values measured over the black and white segments of an opacity chart.

One of the powerful features of the instrument is the built-in statistical analysis package. Readings can be downloaded to a PC, where Novo-Soft QA software enables further analysis of results or the long-term storage of batch information.

The Novo-Shade Duo available from Novasys Group also has a shade mode where surfaces can be graded from 100% reflectance for white to 0% reflectance for black. This measurement of luminous intensity is independent of hue and gloss and is used in many applications such as the cleanliness of steel, chalking and fading of paints or the whiteness of recycled paper.

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